More About Me

I was born in the City of Yerevan, the Capitol of Armenia, a country in the Caucuses region. Having graduated from Bellevue College with an Associate degree, I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Volgograd State University, Volgograd, Russia. Together with my beautiful loving wife, we have our two-year-old daughter that fills our lives with joy and happiness.

I constantly engage myself in learning new, painting, crafting, playing soccer, and participating in cultural activities such as art fairs, interstate diaspora gatherings, and national music events. I am blessed with full possession of three languages English, Russian, and Armenian

Being raised by two civil engineers, one of which performed the real estate agent's duty for many years, kept me right at the cornerstone of our industry during my entire life. I believe that real estate is an industry that touches our life 24/7/365. I have been living in Washington State for over 15 years, during which I have had various opportunities to become very familiar with our area. On my latest journey, I successfully represented Comcast as a territory representative in the entire Snohomish County for years. This helped me to not only become familiar with streets, places, conjunctures of the county, but also with people that happily live in their homes. 

I have always been dedicated to providing my clients with outstanding results. Let me know what it is that I can help you with.

Sincerely, I believe that if there is a question there’s gotta be an answer, and I will negotiate it for You!